About us

EthnoCat Botanicals is a Dutch company that is located in the always picturesque Zoetermeer and has specialized in a number of fascinating, first-rate, powerful, ethnobotanical products. Our plantmaterial has been freshly dried and comes directly from the farmers in the country of origin. Without middlemen we can stand for both purity as well as competitive prices. We always first test our products for quality ourselves before we proceed to resale. Our merchandise is 100% natural and organic and is packed with the greatest care in a hygienic environment, where everyone wears gloves and face masks. Our powders are being additionally sifted. Our packing materials are food grade and where possible eco-friendly.
It is with great passion that we serve the European market, in those countries where the products that we sell are legal. All our products are intended as botanical specimens and not for human consumtion.